Prime Minister Abe and First Lady Holds Cherry Blossom Viewing Party

A cherry blossom viewing party, hosted by Prime Minister Abe and his wife, Akie was held at Shinjuku Gyoen on March 15th. Approximately 16,500 guests including entertainers and athletes came to the party. Notable guests included the girls band, Momo Iro Clover Z, Ai Haruna, Ikko, and Hiroshi Itsuki. The first lady was in a good mood in general, but when someone said to her, “Akie-san, hang in there. Don’t be defeated by Moritomo,” she bursted into tears, and covered her eyes with a handkerchief. This incident indicates that Akie Abe was very stressed by the Moritomo Gakuen scandal. This was reported as 「安倍昭恵、号泣」 by several media outlets including News Post Seven,  and so on.




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