Prime Minister Abe’s Recent Visit To New York


Prime Minister Abe visited New York for four days beginning September 26. The most important purpose of his visit was to make a speech at the United Nations in New York. However, commentator Ukeru Magosaki pointed out in a tweet that during Abe’s speech on September 29, there were a lot of vacant seats. Some Japanese viewers who saw the Reuters photo said that it may represent how Japan is now being perceived by the international community. That is, Japan is not important enough to spend time to hearing from its leader. Abe had a chance to speak briefly with the Korean and French Presidents and the German Chancellor while he was in New York. However, Abe did not get to meet with President Obama during those four days,  and instead met with Vice President Biden. Magosaki points out that is is quite unusual in diplomacy, but for some reason, the Japanese media did not report much on it.

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