Prime Minister Apologizes for Heckling MP

MP Kiyomi Tsujimoto in shock

On May 27, while MP Kiyomi Tsujimoto was speaking in parliament, Prime Minister Abe heckled her by saying “Hayakushitsumoshiroyo!”  which translates as a command to “go ahead and ask a question!”

The debate was stopped temporarily as various MPs approached the chair. When the meeting resumed, MP Kiyomu Tsujimoto said that she was sad that the Prime Minister heckled her when the legislature was talking about war and the life and death of people.

The opposition parties strongly criticized the Prime Minister by calling it “blasphemy against the legislature.” Even the vice president of Liberal Democratic Party, Masahiko Komura said he should not have said that.

Prime Minister Abe apologizes on June 1

(Source:  Nippon Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wlskHe1cMo).

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