Q-pot. Peace Biscuit Band

Q-pot. is an accessory label led by designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu. Q-pot. means a mysterious pot the contents of which are unknown.  The concept of Q-pot. is to create accessories that make the people who wear them and people who see them smile. Wakamatsu believes that by creating such positive accessories, the world will be peaceful, as the ultimate goal of Q-pot. is world peace. Q-pot participates also participates in various charitable activities.  Q-pot. sells an item called the Peace Biscuit Band for 500 yen, the proceeds of which go to charity. Peace Biscuit Band is a rubber band with a biscuit motif. Originally, it had three color variations: beige, brown and black. But, right now only the black version ( semami) is available as the rest are sold out.Part of the proceeds of the Peace Biscuit Band will be donated to Hawaii Rainbow Kid’s Project. Hawaii Rainbow Kid’s Project sends children who were affected by the Great North Eastern Earthquake in 2011 to Hawaii to experience nature in Hawaii to heal their emotional wounds.

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