“Rethink” by Noritake Tatehana

An exhibition, “Rethink” by Noritake Tatehana is being held at Space O on the ground floor of the Omotesando Hills from August 12th to August 20th, 2017. Tatehana is an artist that is known for his unique heelless shoes inspired by oiran, that is, the word for prostitutes during the edo era. Lady Gaga likes his shoes very much and often wears them. He learned Japanese traditional arts at the Tokyo University of Arts and after graduating from the college he sought his own way to integrate what he learned in college with his childhood, where he was frequently exposed to Japanese traditional culture. The theme of his works is to create pieces of art just like milestones that connect the past and present. In this exhibition, installations inspired by the decorative hair pins of oiran, shoes inspired by the oirans‘ shoes, and also cigarette holders inspired by traditional Japanese cigarette holders are displayed. In addition to these displays, a performance where a performer dressed as an oiran walks through the exhibit for 20 minutes takes place three times a day. (13:00, 15:00, 17:00). These performances are inspired by oiran dochu which is a parade of the oiran women. The admission is free and visitors are provided with one of two available sweets, strawberry flavoured shaved ice with sweetened red bean paste or Matcha flavored An Bolo by Toraya An Cafe. These are also free of charge. The opening hours are from 11 am to 7 pm.

Ukiyoe by Keisai Eisen, one of Hatehana’s inspirations.

Hair Pin Series 2014 Steal Leather

Hair Pin Series 2014 “The Language of Art”
I am happy to have a friend who speaks the same language as me. Not English or Japanese, but the language of art which transcends linguistics.

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