Ryobu Shippu Show

Between July 9th and August 31st, as part of their summer festival, Tokyo Disneyland has been putting on a show called Garyo Gunbu. Garyo Gunbu is written as 雅涼群舞 in Japanese, and runs three times a day. Ga(雅)means gorgeous and ryo(涼)means cool, as in temperature. Gunbu (群舞) is a dance performance involving a large number of people.

The Disney characters and dancers are separated into two groups 雅絢爛燦(Miyabikenransan), and 涼舞疾風翔(Ryobushippushow) and compete for the audience in front of Cinderella’s castle. The Miyabikenransan team is led by Mickey Mouse whereas Ryobushippushow is led by Donald Duck. During the show, water is shot into the sky, soaking people in the rows near the castle. There are those who bring rain coats in anticipation of this, while others purchase rain gear at the park.

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