Sayonara is a movie released in 2015 that portrays the friendship between Tanya, a Western woman living in Japan who suffers from illness for a long time and Leona, an android nurse who has taken care of her since she was a child. The story is set in future Japan,  after a nuclear power plant explosion contaminated most of the country. Following this disaster, the Japanese government makes a declaration to abandon the country.

After the disaster, the Japanese people flee to foreign countries in accordance with an evacuation plan drafted jointly between Japan and other host countries.  Foreigners in Japan are given lower-priority exit permissions, making it impossible for Tanya to leave. Being left behind as the people of their town disappear one by one, Tanya and Leona spend their final moments of life together in intimate solitude. The movie explores the issues of  mortality, the risks of nuclear power, and the plight of refugees.

The movie is based on a play by the same name written by Oriza Hirata, who leads the Seinenza theater company. The director is Koji Fukada.  In addition to Japan, the original play has been performed the United States, Canada, France, Korea and Vietnam. Tanya is played by Brylerly Long, a multilingual actress from the United States. Leona is played by Geminoide F an android created by robotics specialist Hiroshi Ishiguro, professor at Osaka University.




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