SEALDs Okinawa Department Holds Rally in Front of US Base in Okinawa

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retrieved from Ryukyu Shimpo

On November 14, SEALDs Ryukyu, which is the Okinawa branch of SEALDs, held a rally in front of the US military base Camp Schwab located at Henoko in Okinawa. Two hundred people participated in the rally. Members of SEALDs Ryukyu claimed that the government is forcing the construction of a new base in Henoko, and that this is undemocratic. For example, Nishiro Motoyama said that a new base in Henoko is unnecessary. Ai Tamaki (21) said that if the new base is constructed, it will be used for war and thus lead to a loss of life around the world.

On the same day, another SEALDs rally took place in Tokyo and Nagoya as well. SEALDs members delivered straightforward and idealistic messages such as “Japanese society is putting an uneven burden on Okinawa” and “society can be changed by a single action.”

Sakura Abe (21) stated that she was disappointed that she had been so ignorant about the burden that the bases placed on Okinawa. She could no longer pretend that she had not seen the violence committed against Okinawans.


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