Situations Where Japanese Warship Would Need to Protect US Warships

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Since the Abe administration claims that a collective right to self-defense should be exercised very selectively, giving examples where that right can be exercised has become a very important issue in the parliamentary debate over proposed legislative changes. An common example that Prime Minister Abe gives is mine-sweeping in the Middle East. In addition, he often refers to a hypothetical situation where Japanese citizens are fleeing by ship from a country where war has broken out.  However, this is disputed by those who argue that such a situation would never happen, because people would rather to evacuate by airplane. As for minesweeping, the Japan Self Defense Force has already engaged in this activity in the Persian Gulf after the 1991 Gulf War ended.

(Source: Tokyo Shimbun)


Prime Minister at the Press Conference on May 15, 2014
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