Sontaku Dumpling

The word, “Sontaku”, that came in the spotlight due to its frequent use in the reports of Moritomo Gakuen scandal has inspired a company in Osaka to create some special dumplings. Heso Production, a company with headquarters in Osaka that sells sweets and unique original items, started selling “Sontaku Manjyu” (manjyu in Japanese means dumplings) in mid-June this year. Within the span of one and a half months, they sold 10,000 boxes of Sontaku Manjyu. The Sontaku Manjyu is sold only in the Osaka area, usually at souvenir stores. One box contains nine dumplings, and the dumplings are filled with sweetened red bean paste. The cost for one box is 734 yen (tax included). On the surface of the box, there is a sentence which roughly translates to “please do sonkaku”, and the definition of sontaku is also written.


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