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Starbucks Japan Sells Cherry Blossom Flavor Menu Items

On February 15, Starbucks Japan began selling Sakura flavored menu items for a limited time period.  Sakura is a Japanese word for cherry blossom, and the timing of the special is meant to coincide with the blossoming of the Sakura tree. The menu items are the Sakura Caramelly Chocolate Latte, Sakura Caramelly Chocolate Frappuccino  and Sakura Chiffon Cake. Starbucks in Japan has been selling Sakura series menu items for the past 14 years, and began the tradition based on the company policy to respect the culture of each country and region in which the company is located. Last year, the Sakura menu items included a strawberry topping, while this year the company is planning on introducing a sakura caramel sauce topping to the Sakura menu items. The Sakura Caramelly Chocolate Latte is a non-caffeinated beverage that includes a dense and mild sakura caramel sauce and flavor with white hot chocolate. This is topped with whip cream and white chocolate shavings, meant to symbolize petals of cherry blossom flowers. The frappucino is the iced and blended version of the same drink. This specialty drink will be available at Starbucks in Japan until March 17th.  

The image is retrieved from www.starbucks.co.jp

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