Super Ukiyoe The Edo Code: Moving Ukiyoe

Super Ukiyoe The Edo Code is an exhibition that features ukiyoe in digital formats and movements.The people and waves of the ocean depicted in the ukiyoe pieces move in the screens. In addition to digital ukiyoe, panels of traditional ukiyoe  are displayed as well.

Although ukiyoe is very traditional, by making it in digital format and making it move like animation, ukiyoe becomes lively, fresh, and very exciting.

Narration by a kabuki actor, Ainosuke Kataoka expresses the vibrancy of Edo culture very effectively, and matches the exhibition tremendously.

This exhibition is  well received and 92.5% of visitors answered that they were satisfied with it. The exhibition is being held from January 28th to March 21st at Kayaba-cho Heiwa Building.

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