Tabloid Reports End of Becky, Enon Kawatani Relationship


It was reported in the March 3rd issue of Shukan Shincho (週刊新潮)that Becky and rumored boyfriend Enon Kawatani ended their relationship on January 12th, 6 days after Becky held her first press conference addressing the allegations of their alleged affair. Shukan Shincho reported that the decision was made as Becky began to feel more and more pressure from media outlets coupled with the loss of all of her endorsements and suspension from her hosting duties on various TV shows. The January 21st issue of Shukan Bunshun detailed an interview with Kawatani’s wife, where she stated that Kawatani is demanding the divorce, and even though she does not want to.

The knowledge of this fact reportedly caused Becky to decide to end the relationship with Kawatani, as she had believed the end of his to marriage to be a mutual decision.

She stated that she had woken up from her love and decided to move on.

Shukan Shincho reported that Becky’s manager met with Kawatani and executives from his agency, Space Shower Music, to discuss the alleged relationship.

In the meeting, Kawatani stated that the first time they met was at a fanclub event in Shibuya, Tokyo on October 21st of last year. The following day, they began talking through Instagram where he asked her out to dinner with friends. On November 26th, they went out alone for the first time, and on a date three days after that, Kawatani confided that he was married but that both Kawatani and his wife were considering divorce and that they were no longer living together. Kawatani reportedly told Becky that he expected to be divorced by the end of the year.  

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