Tabloid Reports Shukan Shincho’s Becky Article Likely Written at Request of Becky’s Agency

Asagei Plus reports that an article about embattled Japanese entertainer Becky in the March 3rd issue of Shukan Shincho was possibly written at the request of the Becky’s agency, Sun Music. Asagei Plus is claiming this because the Shukan article is written in support of Becky. Asagei points out Shincho’s claim that it was Kawatani who initiated the relationship, and their citing of Becky’s supposed lack of dating experience as leading to her belief that Kawatani was divorcing his wife. The Shincho article also draws attention to reports that Becky was reluctant to visit Kawatani’s parents’ house around New Years. In addition, Asagei also mentions Shincho referencing Becky’s donations to Unicef which contributed to the building of five schools in Africa.

Since the scandal broke, media coverage of Becky, and to a lesser extent Kawatani, has been overwhelmingly critical, so the Shincho article stands out as one of the very few articles that is sympathetic of Becky.
According to Shincho, Becky has written close to 100 letters of apology to her coworkers. It is not certain how long her hiatus will be.

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