Takanori Nishikawa Tweets About Halloween From Iceland

On October 30th, singer Takanori Nishikawa, who works under the stage name T.M. Revolution, tweeted that while he does not intend to disturb the enthusiasm surrounding Halloween, he thinks that Halloween basically supposed to be an opportunity for children to enjoy dressing up. Therefore, adults should not walk arrogantly in the streets while dressed up. He continued to state that Halloween should be celebrated by familes similarly to Chiristmas. He composed this tweet from Heathrow airport in London on his way to Iceland for a vacation. After he tweeted this comment, several media outlets reported that Nishikawa was anti-Halloween. On October 31st, he tweeted from Iceland that he did not mean to oppose the custom of Halloween itself at all. He said that he is critical of the Halloween enthusiasm in Japan that has lead to make public facilities and commercial facilities dirty, and also caused inconvenience to people who were walking. He stated that Halloween in Iceland is more gentle.

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