Takarazuka in Hyogo Prefecture Will Issue Same-Sex Partnership Certificates

On November 30, Takarazuka in Hyogo Prefecture (located in the western part of Japan)  announced that the city will begin to issue partnership certificates to same-sex couples. Takarazuka will draft guidelines in March 2016 and the start issuing certificates in June 2016.  This will be the third municipal government in Japan to grant partnership certificates to same-sex couples. The first two were Shibuya and Setagaya Wards in Tokyo.

Takarazuka city officials began planning for the creation of a same-sex partnership registration system at the end of April this year, which was a month after Shibuya Ward passed its ordinance.  Like the case Setagaya Ward, Takarazuka will not create an ordinance, but will instead issue guidelines underneath existing law. Although there are LGBT residents of Setagaya who are pleased with the newly created certificates, others have claimed that the certificate does not make much difference since it is not backed by an ordinance. In the beginning, Takarazuka considered adopting an ordinance like that in Shibuya Ward. But ultimately, it chose not to since they thought that the most important thing was to show that the city supports its residents.

The guidelines issued by Takarazuka will allow same-sex couples residing in the city and with a partner of the same sex to obtain a partnership certificate.

(Source: http://www.kobe-np.co.jp/news/shakai/201511/0008608989.shtml)

Takarazuka City

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