Talk with Iconic Creator of Muslim Lolita



Alyssa is a Muslim woman who recently invented a new genre of fashion, called “Muslim Lolita.” She is a Californian with a sweet personality, just like her clothing. Not only does she like Lolita fashion, she is also interested in cute things like the souvenirs from Japan’s Disney Resort. She recently visited Japan Disney Resorts and enjoyed her visit.  She had learned Japanese in the United States and her pronunciation of Japanese is quite good. Below are the questions and answers.

Question 1.How did you find and become interested in Lolita fashion? Did you see Japanese Lolita fashion on the Internet or did you see girls dressed in Lolita fashion while you were traveling to Japan?

Answer: I saw some girls dressed in Lolita fashion at an anime convention about 10 years ago. Then I discovered the Japanese publication “Gothic & Lolita Bible”, then learned further about the different brands and styles of Lolita fashion.

Question 2. Which places in Japan do you like most? They could be cities, like Harajuku, or cafes, shops or amusement parks.

Answer : I really like all of what I have seen of Japan so far. I have enjoyed shopping and visiting in Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. I also really enjoyed visiting the Disney parks.

Question 3. Do you have a favorite Japanese designer or clothing company?

Answer: I enjoy clothing from many different designers, a few of them being: Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Emily Temple Cute, Milk and Leur Getter.

Question 4. Do you read Japanese comics?

Answer : I used to read manga, but I prefer to read Japanese fashion magazines.

Question 5. How did you learn Japanese? Did you take classes?

Answer: I always had an interest in Japanese culture and language, I have a taken a few courses and would like to further my studies in the Japanese language.

Question 6. Do you have something specific that you look for when you pick your clothing? I noticed that your use of colors is very gentle and that you use a lot of pastel colors.

Answer: When I purchase Japanese fashion items, I tend to look at unique motifs and colors that I enjoy. Lately I have really been liking biscuit prints.


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