Taro Yamamoto Participates in Rally Demanding the Summoning of the First Lady as a Witness

Taro Yamamoto, a member of the Upper House, participated in a rally demanding the summoning of Akie Abe as witness on April 23rd. The rally was also directed at other governmental individuals related to the Moritomo Gakuen scandal. He and about 30 citizens who participated in the rally demanded them to give testimonies at the parliament. They marched in Shinjuku on Sunday chanting, “The Moritomo Gakuen problem is not over yet . Summon the witness!  Come on, come on. The Akkido case isn’t over yet”. They marched with background music that included songs such as ”Hot Stuff”, ”I’m in the Mood for Dancing”, ”Can’t Get My Eyes Off of You”, ”Video Killed the Radio Star”, and ”Dancing Queen”. According to the DJ who led the rally, the first lady used to be a disco queen and these songs were popular at that time.

Source Youtube Video Titled “2017.04.23 トカゲの尻尾切りで終わらせない!『アッキード〝祈り〟ウォーキング』”

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