The Man Most Loved by Japanese Women Announces His Marriage to Actress

On September 28th, singer and actor, Masaharu Fukuyama (46), and actress, Kazue Fukiishi (33), announced their marriage together. Fukuyama and Fukiishi both sent the written marriage announcement through their respective agencies out to the media.

Fukuyama’s announcement can be seen on his official website. In the announcement, he mentions that they started their relationship as friends, and as time went on, they began to recognize each other as partners. Fukuyama has been successful as a singer and actor, and composes and writes lyrics for his songs by himself. Besides being popular in Japan, Fukuyama is also quite popular in other Asian countries, and news of his marriage was reported on in countries such as Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Fukiishi is the daughter of professional baseball player, Tokuichi Fukiishi, and started acting at the age of 13. She is best known as a model for the Uniqlo summer product, bratop. Incidentally, September 28th, which is the date of their marriage, also happens to be Fukiishi’s birthday.

On September 29th, Bloomberg News reported that the stock of an agency which Fukuyama belongs to, Amuse, went down significantly after the announcement of Fukuyama’s marriage. Bloomberg reported that this was due to the belief that Fukuyama’s fan club will lose revenue now that he’s no longer single. In Japan, marriage can affect an entertainer’s popularity, and many choose to postpone their marriage because of this.

(Source: J Cast News)

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