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Themed Cafes in Tokyo: Visiting the Card Captor Sakura Café!

By Marcela Cofre

Today I will talk about my experience visiting an anime-themed cafe called Card Captor Sakura. Do you know of the anime Card Captor Sakura? I watched it when I was little, so this experience brought back a lot of memories. Since their events are for a limited time and they only admit a limited number of people per day, you have to make a reservation to go to this cafe (cafe.animate.co.jp/collabo_cafe/3367/?place=58).

The cafe is owned by the store Animate. Making a reservation is similar to buying a ticket for an event; it costs around 2,000 yen and has a designated entrance time. Even though the reservation might be a little expensive, it includes with two gifts: a limited edition cup and a mini poster.

Once you’re inside the cafe, everything changes. The walls are decorated and there are special zones where you can take pictures. Everything is done to provide visitors with a better experience.

After being seated, you can read a menu, which even includes facts about anime. Every food and drink option evokes scenes and common objects used in Card Captor Sakura.

With such a tempting menu, it was difficult to choose which food items to order! My friend chose a guava and raspberry drink decorated with a sakura petal, and a roll cake.

I ordered a parfait decorated with a card from the anime, and an orange hot chocolate decorated as one of the characters:

Once we finished our food, it was time to take pictures in the special picture zones! The atmosphere was definitely wonderful and it’s amazing to think that they change the setting every season. You can see the themes by season here: cafe.animate.co.jp/. You can go by the calendar and have a different experience each time!

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