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Tomoko Yamaguchi: “There are different choices in having children.”


Rola (left), Kiko Mizuhara (right)

In a special interview in the March issue of the women’s magazine, FRaU, actress Tomoko Yamaguchi (52) discussed her life, marriage, hobbies and passions, eventually stating that she always wanted a life without children. Yamaguchi married actor Toshiaki Karasawa when she was 30 years old. Throughout course of their 20 year marriage, they have remained childless, leading to speculation of strife in the marriage or that Yamaguchi was receiving fertility treatments.The revelation by Yamaguchi brought the years of gossip to a close.

In the interview, Yamaguchi went on to say that there are many different paths regarding whether or not to have children.

Her honesty has led to an outpouring of support from the public.

Yamaguchi, a child of divorce, has said that her family life has led her not to trust relationships based solely on familial connection.
Yamaguchi states that she is still in love with her husband after 20 years, and calls him her partner, friend, and lover.

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