Ukeru Magosaki: “Paris Attacks Were Predictable”

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On November 14, commentator Ukeru Magosaki tweeted that the Paris attacks by ISIS were foreseeable. In September, ISIS strengthened its recruitment efforts in Europe. There was intelligence that suggested that after ISIS had trained them, they would likely send them back to attack their home countries, especially France. In spite of this, President Hollande ordered airstrikes against ISIS, which some argue made ISIS even more determined to carry out an attack France.

Magosaki goes on to point out that 20,000 foreigners have joined ISIS as soldiers, including 1,550 from France. He references an articles in the Wall Street Journal on September 15 titled “Reports on Islamic State Plans in Europe Fueled French Move to Prepare Syria Strikes.”
Ukeru Magosaki is an expert in espionage and diplomacy. He has been worked at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ambassador to Iran and Uzbekistan.

Retrieved from @magosaki_ukeru

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