UN Inspector’s Visit to Study Free Speech Postponed by Japanese Government

In his blog, UN Inspector David Kaye said that his scheduled visit to Japan in December was cancelled by the Japanese government. The visit was intended to survey the state of free speech in Japan. UN Inspector Kaye was going to visit Japan between December 1 and 8 in order to assess the level of free speech in Japan and the effects of the Special Designated Secrets Act. However, the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organization in Geneva requested that Kaye postpone his visit until autumn of next year, claiming that they can better coordinate officials to meet him during a later visit.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fumio Kishida, admitted the an inspector appointed by the UN was going to visit Japan. He added that the government had become more preoccupied than expected preparing the year’s budget, which has made it impossible for the government to designate officials to meet with the inspector.  However, several Japanese journalists and commentators criticized his statement and said it was false.

For example, Ukeru Magosaki tweeted that there was no reason that the budget should postpone the inspector’s visit. Magosaki also said that the visit was cancelled because the Japanese government does not want a UN report to reveal that free speech is being suppressed in Japan. He even wrote “stop kidding” in his tweet on November 20.

(Source: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20151120/k10010313791000.html)

Cancellation of Official Visit to Japan

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