VAAM (Vespa Amino Acid Mixture) is a weight loss product created in 1995 and distributed by Meiji. VAAM is popular among people who exercise and is sold not only at pharmacies, but also at gyms. It’s popular because it helps burn fat more efficiently and makes you less tired after you exercise. As people get older their metabolisms slow down, and it makes it more difficult to lose weight than when they were younger. VAAM helps burn fat during exercise, so it helps the problems of older people who are having a hard time losing weight. VAAM is generally taken an hour before the exercise. The main ingredients of VAAM are the 17 kinds of Amino Acids manufactured by Meiji. In 1991, Meiji and RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research ) began joint research on the possibility of the commercial use of the amino acids that hornets use.

Inspired by the durability of Hornets, Meiji invented VAAM which produces a similar effect as the hornet larva secretion. Dr. Takeshi Abe was a leading scientist in the project. He studied the hornets and discovered that the secret for hornets durability is the nutrients that they receive from larva, which consist of 17 kinds of amino acids. He published his findings in a scientific journal in 1991.

VAAM has four product lines: VAAM, VAAM Diet, Super VAAM, and VAAM Water.

VAAM is the plain type of VAAM.

Super Vaam contains 3000 mg of V.A.A.M. and Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) and L Carnitine. Diet VAAM does not contain sugar and has the lowest calories among of the various VAAMs, so Meiji recommends Diet VAAM for people who want to lose weight.

Meiji recommends the rest of the VAAM lines for people who exercise.  Each line comes in various forms, including bottle, powder, and jelly. VAAM water has an emphasis on absorbing water

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