Where You Can Find Rhubarb Jam in Japan



It’s common for eating habits to differ between countries. France and Japan are no different.  

I’ve noticed that produce that is widely available in France is not common at all in Japan. When I find food in Japan that I would eat in France, I tend to buy it. There is a bakery called Viron in Shibuya, which I often buy bread at. The bakery is famous in Japan for its baguette, called Retrodoll, made with French Viron flour. There is another Viron bakery in Tokyo, at Marunouchi.

One day when I was having a breakfast at Viron, French jam by Miot was served to me along with several other kinds jams. Since I tend to eat Bonne Maman jam, which you can find in Japanese supermarkets in small quantities, I am unacquainted with Miot. I saw that Miot’s jams were on sold on the first floor of Viron. I was surprised to find that among the different flavors there was a jar of rhubarb jam .

From what I can tell, rhubarb is not a plant widely grown in Japan. There could be a very small number of farmers growing rhubarb, however I have yet to see it. In France, rhubarb is eaten during the summer, often in pies. It is very easy to find rhubarb at the market during the harvest season, and we also can find it in supermarkets as jam, compotes and yogurt. Since rhubarb jam is not common in Japan, I was very excited to find it at the bakery. I hope I can find rhubarb pie here one day.

I really love MIOT’s rhubarb jam.  I’m happy to once again to taste the unique acidic flavor of rhubarb. I think it’s a good flavor to wake you up in the morning and start your day in a good mood.

By Marc

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