Wife of MLB Player Becomes Entertainer in Japan


Lauren Mikolas (27), wife of Tokyo Yomiuri Giants pitcher Miles Mikolas (who previously played for the Texas Rangers), has recently started a career as an entertainer in Japan.

Lauren’s beauty gained a lot of attention in the Japanese media after they noticed her in the crowd, cheering for her husband at his games.

The office of Motoko Inagawa, which is the biggest agency for foreign entertainers in Japan, had previously offered to sign a contract with her. However, the deal never went through, and this led Lauren Mikolas deciding to start her career as freelance entertainer.

Her first job was at a promotional event for health foods distributed by Beaute et Sante Laboratories on July 30th. Her second job was on August 2nd, where she appeared as a commentator on a TV show called “行列のでき る法律事務所,” which roughly translates to: “The law office that people line up in queues for.” Her third job was on August 20th, at a promotional event for the release of the Blue Ray Disc and DVD of “Wild Speed Sky Mission.”

Lauren did not work as an entertainer while living in the United States, although she had taken acting classes in college. While Lauren enjoys her job as an entertainer, she claims that her priority is to support her husband. She often comes to stadiums to cheer for him, and cooks him meals made from her own original recipes. Her dream is to publish a cook book some day.

Lauren has a twitter account: @Fearless_ Charm, and her own blog as well.

(Source: http://woman.infoseek.co.jp/news/entertainment/tvfan_T1012187)

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