Yahoo Japan Holds Survey on Becky Scandal In Response To The Guardian Article

In response to an article on February 8th by British newspaper, The Guardian, reporting the scandal surrounding Japanese entertainer Becky as sexist, Yahoo Japan conducted a survey asking whether people think the media and industry’s treatment of her is a result of sexism. The online poll received 225,949 votes. 52.5% answered that they did not feel that the scandal is sexist, while 41% answered that the scandal is sexist. 6.5% were undecided. The Yahoo Japan poll was an online poll and people were able to vote more than once, and therefore the votes are not necessarily reflective of the number of people voting.

The poll asked the question:

“Becky Scandal, Do you feel it is sexism?”

Yes   41%  (92,659)

No    52.5%  (118,717)

Undecided 6.5% (14,573)


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