Yojiya Cafe

Yojiya Cafe is a cafe managed by Yojiya, a company that distributes cosmetics. Among its many products, blotting paper is the most popular product sold by Yojiya. In Japan, women use blotting paper to soak up excess oils on their T-zone (nose and forehead). Yojiya cafe has several locations in Kyoto and Shibuya, Tokyo, as well as Haneda Airport. The most popular menu item of Yojiya Cafe is cappuccino, in which the barista will draw the Yojiya company logo, a face of a woman. The menu items available at each store are different, but most Yojiya cafes have cappucino.  The cappuccino comes in two varieties, coffee and matcha. The Coffee cappuccino is unsweetened and sugar comes with it. The Matcha Cappuccino is sweetened. Cappuccino, both hot and iced, are available to go as well. In addition to drinks, the cafe serves desserts and light meals such as spaghetti and sandwiches. The images below is Yojiya- Cafe at the basement 1 of the ShinQs-Shibuya.

Tofu Tiramisu

Salmon Cream Spaghetti

Salmon cream spaghetti is topped with Yuzu, a Japanese fruit similar to lemon and grapefruit. Yuzu is a sour fruit, usually used for meals, but also sometimes used for sweets.


Kujo Negi

 Kujo Negi is a kind of Japanese leek grown in Kyoto.

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna Sandwich comes with a Japanese herb called Shiso. The tuna is mixed with Umeboshi, which is a salted plum fruit. The taste can be a little bit salty for Americans, but tastes good for Japanese.



Blotting Paper

Yojiya Cafe at Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs ( Basement 1) Yojiya Cafe at Haneda Air Port is located at the basement 1 in Terminal One. Yojiya Cafe in Sanjo, Kyoto Yojiya Cafe in Saganoarashiyama, Kyoto Yojiya Cafe near Ginkakuji, Kyoto Yojiya Cafe in Gion, Kyoto

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