Yuko Ogura Announces Divorce

On March 6th, Yuko Ogura (33)  announced that she was divorcing Isao Kikuchi (46) , husband of six years. Kikuchi is a prominent hair stylist, who works for many entertainers.  They were very in love when they married in 2011. Around the time they got married, Ogura stated that Kikuchi is a cluster of sweetness. In the press conference where she announced their marriage, she mentioned that she is 100% positive that Kikuchi will not cheat on her. Contrary to this remark, Kikuchi had an affair with an entertainer, Sachiko Umakoshi (26) last summer when Ogura was pregnant with their second child. She worked for the same agency as Ogura which Ogura shocked in addition to the shock of divorce.  Although Ogura does not explicitly state that this affair was the direct cause of their divorce, a lot of Japanese media is reporting that this was the trigger. Ogura will have the custody of their two children and she will not receive any alimony.




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