Yuto Nagatomo Goes on a Lovey Dovey Dinner Date with His Wife

On April 19th, Yuto Nagatomo, who is currently playing in Inter Milan posted a short article on his blog stating that he went out for dinner with his wife, Airi Taira. In the article, he wrote that he had intense training and muscle exercise that day, so he absorbed some good quality protein by eating fish and meat. He went on to say that even eating out is a form of training. Nagatomo and Taira got married in January of this year, and Taira ended all of her scheduled work as of February and moved to Milan to support him as his housewife. They are quite in love and when he announced their marriage, he referred to her as his amore. A lot of Japanese audiences were amused by this at the time and her nickname temporarily became Amore Taira.  Nagatomo recently stated that the more he comes to know his wife, the more he becomes fascinated with her.

Source http://lineblog.me/nagatomoyuto/?p=2

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