Matcha Cupcakes by Magnolia Bakery

On March 25th, Magnolia Bakery Japan began selling Matcha Cupcakes at its stores. Matcha is made out of powdered tea leaves, and is known as a kind of green tea. These Matcha Cupcakes will only be sold at stores in Japan, and are the second collaboration between Magnolia Bakery USA and Magnolia Bakery Japan. Their previous collaboration, the Cherry Blossom Cupcake, was released on March 18th, and is also exclusive to Japan.

When you taste a Matcha Cupcake, you can quickly tell that the green color is from the use of real matcha rather than artificial coloring. The matcha flavor gracefully spreads throughout your mouth, and is not bitter at all. Magnolia Bakery Cakes are often depicted as being too sweet by Japanese people because sweets in Japan are usually not as sweet as in America. However, the Matcha Cupcakes’ sweetness is modest, and is being well received by Japanese people.

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